Tunku Halim

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Tunku Halim was born in 1964. He lives in Australia but is a frequent visitor to his country of birth, Malaysia. He has worked as a corporate lawyer in Kuala Lumpur and an IT lawyer in Sydney.

He has his own publishing company and is interested in design and environmentally-friendly urban development. His previous books include the short-story collections The Rape of Martha Teoh & Other Chilling Stories (1997), BloodHaze: 15 Chilling Tales (1999) and The Woman Who Grew Horns and Other Works (2001); the novels Dark Demon Rising (1997) and Vermillion Eye (2000); and the novellaJuriah’s Song (2008). His non-fiction books include A Children’s History of Malaysia (2003) and a biography of his late father Tunku Abdullah — A Passion for Life (1998). 

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