“Stylish, dark and compelling, KINGS OF PETALING STREET is an elegant meditation on the cycle of violence. William Tham Wai Liang is a writer to watch.” – Zen Cho

“When you have lived as long as I have, you will understand how rare it is to have the chance to choose your own death.”

If you are the most powerful kingpin of the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur, can you save your family from other ambitious men? Wong Kah Lok, the famously ruthless King of Petaling Street, is having an existential crisis. Gavin, the son he tried to protect from his criminal legacy, now realizes there is no way out. Ramalingam, the policeman still paying for one fatal miscalculation, continues to use the law to punish and reward. The rising politician Zahid exploits religion and subterranean connections to make his mark. And the assassin Maut is in the center of the dreams and violence, executing the kingpin’s last commands. Wong Kah Lok once dreamed of the Day of Judgement. Has the day arrived?

Cover Photograph: Chronicles of Crime / Last Supper (2006) by Wong Hoy Cheong



William Tham Wai Liang is the current creative nonfiction editor of the Ricepaper magazine, as well as a recurring short story contributor to Fixi. He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he collects books and is in the process of writing a novel based on his experiences so far, which includes crossing the Malaysian peninsula by rail, analysing cherry genomes, and running away to Shanghai.

Kings of Petaling Street is his first book.


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