Maria Isabella


Maria Isabella is your typical, introverted girl next door who grows up in a small town in Johore, Malaysia. Born into a musical family, she never set any limits to her imagination, despite her religious beliefs.

She used to play with her dollhouse to express her stories but decided to take a different outlet that would benefit her in the long term. She fell in love with the beauty of language and began exploring her writing skills at twelve. The passion went on a hiatus when she pursued her degree in computer science but quickly resumed after she graduated in 2015.

Uqasha was her first piece after those long years. Pouring her heart and soul into it, Uqasha was first published in her native language through Wattpad. Going against the norm and the clichés of contemporary Malaysian love stories, Maria took up the challenge to push her boundaries and tried erotica. Always having been fascinated by the power of physical attraction between two people, she exploits her curiosity to create her own brand of romance.

To have her first baby translated and brought to the international market is way beyond her wildest dreams. Constantly striving to improve herself, Maria now works as an editor for a Malaysian alternative publisher. She can also be found writing more stories in Wattpad (@xmizabel), uploading pictures of food and cats into Instagram (@xmizabel) and ranting about life on Twitter (@xmizabel).

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