Uqasha is a beautiful, intelligent, feisty 22-year-old woman in cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur. She has everything a woman her age wants—a gorgeous boyfriend, designer wardrobe, money in the bank, her own car and the best education that money can buy.

She also has abandonment issue thanks to her parents, who keep sending her away when they are faced with another problem they don’t want to deal with. The latest of these is a man confessing to having sex out of wedlock with her and offering to marry her as a way to atone their sins. Her parents agree and the wedding is set in a week.

Uqasha finds herself unable to escape her fate. Wedded to a man she doesn’t love and yet can’t resist physically, she is caught in a dilemma. She is finding it more and more difficult not to fall in love with Adam.

Uqasha and Adam have secrets from the past threatening to jeopardize their budding love. Haunted by past mistakes and histories, Uqasha has to try to solve one problem after another.

Will she survive? Will she give in completely to Adam? Or will everything end in the ultimate heartbreak?

Five millions readers on Wattpad can’t be wrong. Uqasha is gripping from word one. Currently on limited release in Malaysia, it is the Muslim erotica the world has been waiting for.



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